Fraser Public Schools Wraps Up Largest iPad Deployment in Michigan History

Every student in Fraser Public Schools, from developmental kindergarten to high school, now has 1:1 access to an iPad thanks to the purchase of 5,000 of the devices.

From high school seniors to kindergarteners, every student in Fraser Public Schools now has access to an iPad and with 5,000 of the devices having been distributed this year, that access is 1:1.

Using funding from a $19.9 million bond passed in 2011, the district purchased and distributed 5,000 of the devices in what is now the largest iPad deployment in the state of Michigan and one of the top 15 K-12 iPad deployments in the world, according to a release from Fraser Public Schools.

“Teachers can now leverage technology at the point of instruction rather than only having access to computers during the assigned computer lab time,” said Superintendent Dr. David Richards, in a prepared statement. “Our teachers can customize each child’s educational plan to better meet the student’s learning needs in each content area.”

The catalyst for this 1:1 mobile device initiative was a desire to offer personalized learning to every student in the district.

“Though we have enjoyed a rich tradition of providing our students with a high quality education, as a community, a Board of Education, and staff, we realize that public schools are facing an unprecedented season of change,” Richards added. “Our drive in Fraser to redesign our school district comes from a realization that we must provide our students with customized educational experiences that will prepare them to be successful in today’s college and work environment.”

Classroom sets of iPads were distributed for students in developmental kindergarten through second grade, while students in grades 3-12 received individual iPads. Fraser’s teachers and administrators also received new devices, including MacBook Pro laptops and iPads, at the end of last school year.

Since receiving their devices, teachers have been training with Apple employees and participating in professional development to better understand the technology now available and learn how these tools can be used to enhance the present curriculum.

“Though you will recognize the blending of our traditional offerings with the infusion of a new digital offerings, our focus is not on the technology. Rather, we have a laser focus on student learning and increasing student achievement,” Richards said in a statement. “We believe that student learning drives the innovations that we are making within our school district.”

The district has also added a 21st century literacy course to the curriculum to support today’s students – 21st century learners who have never known a world without computers, cell phones or the Internet.

Larry Taylor February 23, 2013 at 07:25 PM
That's great! We'll be watching for the MEAP scores to shoot through the roof! But I'm curious; if the teachers don't know how to use the technology (see above article) how in the hell will they be able to teach kids? Your tax dollars at work, Fraser.
Rick February 25, 2013 at 02:36 PM
Hey Larry, clearly you know nothing about what this kind of deployment actually entails. It doesn't say they don't know HOW to use them, it says they are learning to better use these tools to enhance the current curriculum. Typical response from an uninformed individual.
Will Sims February 25, 2013 at 11:18 PM
Hi Rick. I am an informed individual and Larry is on point. This program is not as advertised these are toys to most of the kids. I have 2 kids in Fraser schools and they have had their IPads since October. You know what they do with them in class? Nothing! Once teacher actually locks them up so the kids don't play on them during class time. In our case they only use them when they are in a required learning class for the IPad. The school administration had meetings telling all the parents how the curriculum had been changed and homework would be assigned to them. Nope! They also said the teacher's would not be leaving class for training. Did you see "teachers have been training with Apple employees and participating in professional development to better understand the technology"? That means they are out of class and the kids get a sub which is almost always a wasted day. They also got the equipment over the summer and should have already been trained don't you think? And we are 6 months into the school year how much more training do you need if you are using them everyday? Hmmmmm. Don't believe all the hype about the school system, there are some great teachers and some lousy ones, just like everywhere. The Board is a joke, they have the same group year after year and the scores never move up, check it out. They spent a ton of money for technology and deployed without a complete plan. I would have much rather paid for a millage that shrunk classes, get larger every year.
Chad Reiss August 08, 2013 at 12:22 PM
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