Chippewa Valley Schools to Remain on Modified Lockdown This Week; Other Districts Up Own Security

Public school districts across Clinton Township are tightening their security measures this week in the wake of the Sandy Hook Elementary school shooting in Newtown, CT.

Try the main entrance of a Chippewa Valley or Utica school this week and you should find it locked. These districts, along with others serving Clinton Township, are tightening security following the elementary school shootings Friday in Connecticut.

"We continually review our policies and procedures and we strive to ensure that our schools remain safe places for everyone," Chippewa Valley Superintendent Ron Roberts wrote in an email to parents. "In light of recent events, the district has elected to place all of its building in a modified lockdown (this) week."

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UCS Superintendant Christine Johns also sent a letter home to parents over the weekend to inform them that the district had met with local police and in-house security specilaists and would put additional security measures in place for the time being.

"UCS staff will maintain a sense of routine for the children. A sense of routine and stability is extremely important to help children feel safe. For the most part, the regular school day and school activities will continue as planned," Johns wrote.

Security measures now in place include:

Chippewa Valley Schools

  • All perimeter doors to be locked after students have entered for the day, including the school's main entrance.
  • Main entrance doors to be monitored throughout the day by staff
  • Requiring all visitors to the school to use the main entrance doors.
  • Visitors asked to show a driver's license and/or photo ID before being allowed to enter the building, and required to state the purpose of the visit prior to being allowed to go to the main office where they will sign in and be assisted by school personnel.
  • All interior classroom doors to be locked while class is in session. Only those individuals who have business in the classroom will be allowed inside.
  • No outside recess this week.
  • Staff members will remain alert and will monitor hallways, while security system camera will provide the ability to monitor other areas of the building.

Utica Community Schools

  • Main entrances (front doors) at our elementary and junior high schools will be locked throughout the day. At the high schools security cameras and staff members will monitor the front entrances.
  • Anyone requesting to go beyond the office must show photo identification and have a confirmed purpose.
  • Our local police will increase their presence in school parking lots and adjacent areas.

L'Anse Creuse Public Schools

On Friday, Dec. 14, LCPS schools were placed into a shelter-in-place mode, during which all doors are locked and students are requried to remain inside for the remainder of the day. Until further notice, the following security measures will remain in place:

  • All but the front doors will be locked to ensure all visitors in the building go through a sign-in process.
  • Schools will review lockdown procedures.
  • Supervisory levels will remain high during recess and bus loading and unloading.

Fraser Public Schools

  • Office staff members continue to screen and buzz visitors into elementary buildings and the Dooley Center through a secure, controlled entryway known as a "sally port."
  • All exterior doors at the elementary and secondary buildings remain locked during the school day, save for the main entrance.
  • All visitors doors at the secondary buildings are manned at all times during the school day by district personnel.
  • All visitors are asked to produce ID and state their purpose for visiting the building prior to entry.
  • Over the summer, the district installed security cameras throughout all buildings and installed card-access entry systems to keep all doors secure.

Crisis management resources have also been made available to parents, staff and students in all four districts.

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